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Today Library is an educational, scientific, cultural and information structural unit of the university, which main task is to provide a complete, high-quality and efficient bibliographic and information services to students, post-graduate students, scientists, and staff. Library holdings include more than 470 thousand volumes. Annually the library is visited by over 367 thousand readers: lecturers, researchers, staff, students and other users. They borrow more than 355 thousand items, including books, magazines, journals and newspapers, both paper and electronic. The library provides with an electronic catalogue ALIS " Irbis " and traditional card catalogues: alphabetical (an official one and for readers); systematic; topographical. The electronic catalogue has been creating since 2010. Keeping many years of traditions, the library also introduces electronic technologies when forming of the library information database and the system of bibliographic information service. The library is not only readers and books but also people devoted to their work who are always glad to see you.